Friday, 21 July 2017

My fishing trip in China (Year 2008) - part 4

April 5, 2008. In the afternoon, we went to catch fish again.

Schistura fasciolatus

Shrimp (Caridinia sp.)

Odontobutis haifengensis

Goby (Rhinogobius duospilus)

Hill stream loach (Pseudogastromyzon laticeps)

Small water snake (Opisthotrophis sp.)

Oryzias latipes

 Goby (Hypseleotris compressocephalus)

Around 3pm, Zhou Hang found the fish which I'm looking for ......BLACK PARADISE FISH (Macropodus hongkongensis)!!!! The spot where Mr Tree caught the fish.

Macropodus hongkongensis. This fish is named after Hong Kong.

We walked further down the stream & we found the BIGGEST population of Cryptocoryne crispatula var. crispatula (another location)!!!

Water plant, most probably is Potamogeton sp.

Channa asiatica.

Anabas testudineus

Pest of the world.....a juvenile of tilapia.

My fishing trip in China (Year 2008) - part 3

April 5, 2008. On the third day, we hired a local kid to be our guide to climb the mountain at the village where we took our lunch. Half an hour later, 3 of us decided to stop climbing as there is no big tree or stream along the trail. We could not find any interesting flora & fauna in this type of forest, so we went to visit a waterfall next to a Chinese temple. There, we found the carnivorous plant of China .....the sundew!

Sundew (most probably Drosera spathulata)

Mucuna birdwoodiana


Larvae of a kind of beetle

Thursday, 20 July 2017

My fishing trip in China (Year 2008) - part 2

After taking our lunch in a restaurant, we continued to walk to down from the stream to a bigger river. There, Mr Tree showed me some beautiful fishes that I never seen before. 

Then, Mr Tree trying to find the location where he found Cryptocoryne crispatula var. crispatula (aquatic aroid) about 2 years ago.....but he couldn't find it. It was getting late, we got another half an hour to search the Crypt before we called a day off. 

I was busying photographing the insects in the bushes & suddenly Mr Tree shouted "Cryptocoryne" very very loud... (in Mandarin language) I jumped up and quickly ran towards the bushes. I saw a beautiful stream behind the bushes.....and unbelievable.....I saw Cryptocoryne crispatula var. crispatula for the first time in my life!!!! At that moment, I forgot all my problems back home....& all of us screaming & jumping in the stream like a group of crazy people....Ha!ha!ha!

Collecting loaches & gobies in a river near a restaurant:

In the late afternoon, we're trying to find the habitat of Cryptocoryne crispatula var. crispatula ....there's a stream behind the bushes. Mr Tree turned left to check it out....

And, he found Cryptocoryne crispatula var. crispatula in a new spot!

The habitat (fast flowing stream):

After dinner, 3 of us went to a nearby river to check out the gill net that we set up not long ago before sunset. As the air temperature was dropping slowly, we needed to wear jacket. 

Mr Tree is checking his gill net:

Zacco platypus

Opsariichthys bidens

Rasbora steineri

Apple snail (Pila sp.) - Apple snail is a pest. This snail also can transfer a type parasite called Angiostrongylus cantonensis to Humans. 

Zacco platypus in its natural habitat.

Freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium sp.)

Parazacco spilurus spilurus

Common tree frog. (Polypedates megacephalus)